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Have you ever craved for a list of all field types available in ServiceNow including explanations on how and what they are actually used for? Good news, you have found one! Many of the field types you will find in the list are probably hidden within your instance. If you would like to find out how to make them easily available for your administrators, check out the related article Fantastic Hidden Field Types.

Attached to this article you can find an Update Set (sys_update_set) which contains a custom table Field Types Showcase (u_field_types_showcase) with a column showcasing each field type from the list below. This can be used as playground and to explore further configuration options with Dictionary Attributes (sys_schema_attribute), how field types behave when setting them read only, etc.


Field Types

Label Name Description Extends
Approval Rules approval_rules Not used by any column in the Dictionary (sys_dictionary) table. String
Audio audio See Documentation String
Auto Increment auto_increment Looks for the highest number of this field on this table and automatically attaches the next number in line after saving the record. Longint
Auto Number auto_number Comes with a button on the form which is visible only when the field is empty. Clicking the button adds the following pattern as value: <table_display_value><javascript:getNextObjNumberPadded()> String
Basic Date/Time datetime   Date/Time
Basic Image image   String
Basic Time time   Time
Bootstrap color bootstrap_color

Administrators have to manually add choices from the Bootstrap v3 color palette with values: default, primary, success, danger, info and warning. Next to the field in form users will find a checkmark icon whose background serves as preview for the chosen Bootstrap color.

Breakdown Element breakdown_element Primarly used by Performance Analytics to define breakdown elements. Needs a dependant Table Name field and usually has the following attribute attached:
Sys ID
Calendar Date/Time calendar_date_time   Date/Time
Catalog Preview catalog_preview Only used on the Catalog Item (sc_cat_item) table. Renders a clickable link with static text "Preview Item" which can be defined for instance by setting the column as calculated field and return a URL. String
Char char Used for storing sys ids without any  special behaviour like on the Document ID field. Usually set up with a max length of 32 characters. Sys ID
Choice choice See Documentation String
Collection collection See Documentation String
Color color See Documentation String
Color Display color_display Doens't let users edit it's value through the UI and puts it's value into the style attribute of the rendered HTML. Usually used as calculated field in conjunction with a Color type field with a calculation like  'background-color:' + current.getValue('color') to display the color visually. String
Composite Field composite_field   String
Composite Name composite_name Lets users choose a combination of table and field. Known from the Access Control (sys_security_acl) table.  String
Compressed compressed   String
Condition String condition_string See Documentation String
Conditions conditions Needs a dependant Table Name field. Lets users build conditions with logical AND and OR conjunctions similar to the list filter. String
Counter counter   String
CSS css A textarea which allows tabbing and offers syntax highlighting for CSS. Syntax errors are marked red. String
Currency currency See Documentation Decimal
Data Array data_array   String
Data Object data_object Expects to hold a JSON object but no form control can be rendered.  String
Data Structure data_structure See Documentation String
Date glide_date See Documentation Date
Date/Time glide_date_time See Documentation Date/Time
Day of Week day_of_week Predefined choice list with values: Monday (1), Tuesday (2), Wednesday (3), Thursday (4), Friday (5), Saturday (6) and Sunday (7). Integer
Days of Week days_of_week Same as Day of Week but multiple choice which renders as checkboxes. Values are stored without comma, for example choosing Thursday and Saturday will be stored as "46".  String
Decimal decimal See Documentation Decimal
Document ID document_id See Documentation Sys ID
Documentation Field documentation_field   String
Domain ID domain_id See Documentation Sys ID
Domain Path domain_path   String
Due Date due_date See Documentation Date/Time
Duration glide_duration See Documentation Date/Time
Email email Holds email addresses (without validation). Renders with an email icon which opens the user's email client to send a new email and put it's value into the "To" field. String
Email Script email_script   String
External Names external_names File upload for files with extensions: .xls, .ldif and .cscv. String
Field List field_list Same as Field Name lets users choose a list of field names. Make this field dependent on a Table Name field. String
Field Name field_name See Documentation String
File Attachment file_attachment See Documentation String
Floating Point Number float See Documentation Floating Point Number
Formula formula   String
FX Currency currency2 See Documentation Sys ID
Glide Var glide_var   String
Glyph Icon (Bootstrap) glyphicon Lets users choose an icon. Needs further configuration through the "iconset" attribute. Out of the box the only attribute configuration found is: iconset=fontawesome. Ironically this offers Fontawesome icons and not the Bootstrap glyphs as the field name would let assume. String
GraphQL Schema graphql_schema   String
HTML html See Documentation String
HTML Script html_script   String
HTML Template html_template   String
Icon icon See Documentation String
Image user_image See Documentation String
Index Name index_name   String
Insert Timestamp insert_timestamp   Date/Time
Integer integer See Documentation Integer
Integer Date integer_date   Integer
Integer String int   String
Integer Time integer_time   Integer
Internal Type internal_type   String
IP Address ip_address See Documentation String
IP Address (Validated IPV4, IPV6) ip_addr   String
Journal journal See Documentation String
Journal Input journal_input See Documentation String
Journal List journal_list See Documentation String
JSON json   String
JSON Translations json_translations   String
List glide_list See Documentation String
Long longint See Documentation Longint
Long Integer String long   String
Mask Code mask_code   String
Metric Absolute metric_absolute   Floating Point Number
Metric Counter metric_counter   Floating Point Number
Metric Derive metric_derive   Floating Point Number
Metric Gauge metric_gauge   Floating Point Number
MID Server Configuration mid_config   String
Month of Year month_of_year Predefined choice list with values: January (1), February (2), March (3), April (4), May, (5) June (6), July (7), August (8), September (9), October (10), November (11) and  December (12). Integer
Multiple Line Small Text Area multi_small   String
Name-Value Pairs simple_name_values See Documentation String
Name/Values name_values   String
NDS Icon nds_icon   String
NL Task Integer 1 nl_task_int1   Integer
Order Index order_index   Integer
Other Date date   Date
Password (1 Way Encrypted) password See Documentation String
Password (2 Way Encrypted) password2 See Documentation String
Percent Complete percent_complete See Documentation Decimal
Phone Number ph_number   String
Phone Number (E164) phone_number_e164 See Documentation String
Phone Number (Unused) phone_number   String
Precise Time glide_precise_time   String
Price price See Documentation Decimal
Properties properties   String
Radio Button Choice radio Choices render as radio buttons (single select). String
Records records   String
Reference reference See Documentation Sys ID
Reference Name reference_name A choice list of ALL Reference fields in the ServiceNow instance. Be carefull when putting this field type on a form, it causes the form to load really slowly. String
Related Tags related_tags   String
Reminder Field Name reminder_field_name   String
Repeat Count repeat_count   Integer
Repeat Type repeat_type   String
Replication Payload replication_payload   String
Schedule Date/Time schedule_date_time   String
Schedule Interval Count schedule_interval_count   Integer
Script script See Documentation String
Script (Client) script_client   String
Script (Plain) script_plain See Documentation String
Script (server side) script_server   String
Short Field Name short_field_name   String
Short Table Name short_table_name   String
Slush Bucket slushbucket   String
Snapshot Template Value snapshot_template_value   String
Source ID source_id   Sys ID
Source Name source_name   String
Source Table source_table   String
String string See Documentation String
String (Full UTF-8) string_full_utf8 See Documentation String
String Boolean string_boolean Same as True/False but saves values as strings "1" and "0" instead of true and false. String
Sys ID (GUID) GUID   String
System Class Name sys_class_name   String
System Class path sys_class_path   String
System Event Name sysevent_name Predefined choice list with all records from the Event Registration (sysevent_register) table as choices. String
System Rule Field Name sysrule_field_name   String
Table Name table_name See Documentation String
Template Value template_value   String
Time glide_time See Documentation Date/Time
Timer timer   Date/Time
Translated translated   String
Translated Field translated_field   String
Translated HTML translated_html See Documentation String
Translated Text translated_text See Documentation String
Tree Code tree_code   String
Tree Path tree_path   String
True/False boolean See Documentation Boolean
Two Line Text Area multi_two_lines   String
UI Action List glide_action_list   String
URL url See Documentation String
User Input user_input   String
User Roles user_roles Predefined slushbucket to choose multiple roles from the Role (sys_user_role) table. String
UTC Time glide_utc_time   Date/Time
Variable Conditions variable_conditions   String
Variable template value variable_template_value   String
Variables variables   String
Version version   String
Video video See Documentation String
Week of Month week_of_month Predefined choice list with values: First (1), Second (2), Third (3), Fourth (4), Fifth (5) and Sixth (6). Integer
Wide Text wide_text   String
Wiki wiki_text See Documentation String
WMS Job wms_job   String
Workflow workflow   String
Workflow Conditions workflow_conditions   String
XML xml Expects XML input and validates it when saving the record. Known from the Macro (sys_ui_macro) and UI Page (sys_ui_page) table. String
All Field Types in ServiceNow